Every inch of Napoli Bonita is designed to celebrate the joy of living, kindness, creativity and love for what surrounds us.

Welcome to Napoli Bonita
you are right in the heart of the Neapolitan culture, art and shopping, and within walking distance from all the wonders of Naples.
We are pleased to open the doors of our home and our life to whoever is inclined to share a bit of their own experience.
We would like to begin this journey by explaining the meaning of the name we chose: Napoli Bonita. The word “bonita” means, in both Spanish and Portuguese, beautiful, warm, charming, cheerful.
The soul of our B&B is all there, contained in one word that brings out the best characteristics of our Napoli, the ones we chose to convey to our guests through the culture of hospitality, happiness and warmth that distinguishes Neapolitans.

Every inch of Napoli Bonita is designed to celebrate the joy of living, kindness, creativity and love for what surrounds us.

We imagined an out of space house, a poetic and evocative place, where time can expand and flow smoothly, following each person’s own rhythm; a small oasis of serenity in the beating heart of Naples.

The rooms, inspired by our passions, are designed specifically to evoke emotions through colors and materials. Each room is a microcosm with its own particular identity; in each one there are objects that have a story to tell: objects to dwell upon and to think about. Some of them are ours, found in many of the far-away countries we visited, or belonged to our grandparents; some are recycled, reinvented, or transformed according to our creativity; some others are gifts from friends or purposely made by talented local artisans.
In every corner you will find our ideas and our life that we decided not to keep to ourselves, but to share with whoever so wishes.

The daily breakfast, which we like to call “bonito”, represents something very dear to us, based on a fundamental concept: providing nourishment is an act of love and has a deep ethical, moral and spiritual meaning. That is why the products we serve at breakfast are predominantly biological and local, typical specialties carefully chosen from the producers in our territory – often personally known by us - and always in season.
You can enjoy your "bonito breakfast" in your room, on your private balcony while watching the city bustle, at the corridor counter, at our kitchen table or in one of the cafés we partner with.

You can plan the itinerary of the day with us over breakfast; feel immersed in nature while washing your face in a strange wooden sink shaped like a flower; write travel notes while sipping tea in the B&B suite; or simply enjoy a glass of wine sitting at the table of your flowered balcony with stars above your head and Naples at your feet.

We tried to think of everything you could possibly need to feel cuddled as if you were at home, because we really want you to leave with a smile. We hope to succeed.
Now it is up to you: you just need to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Napoli Bonita.