feel Mother Earth loving embrace.
Pachamama (MOTHER EARTH in Quechua language) pays tribute to our Mother Earth: it is the room where you can indulge in its loving embrace. While lying on the bed, you can watch the jujube branches utilized to realize the chandelier, imagining to be lying on a green lawn. For this room we chose to use only natural materials that, combined with the neutral color of the walls, create a serene and relaxing atmosphere bringing us back in touch with our roots: the bed and the bookshelf with a branch shape, were made with reclaimed wood and left in their original color, while the bedside tables and the coffee table derive from the pruning of the Virgiliano Park pines - you can still smell their fragrance. In the bath, the wooden sink with its irregular shape brings you directly into the Brazilian forest, where it comes from. The bucolic atmosphere continues on the private terrace where, surrounded by flowers, you can cradle yourself by looking at the life that flows fast-paced, down in the street.


Room (17 sq meters) with large private terrace (7 sq m) overlooking the pedestrian area
Double bed (170x200 cm)
Large bathroom with extra large shower and instant hot water
Air Conditioning, autonomous heating, TV LED Full HD-32 inch, minibar, high-speed Wi-Fi
Hairdryer, sheets and towels, bio shampoo and shower gel.


Maximum 2 people.


Single from 70 to 95 €
Double from 80 to 105 €